Intense Oil Repair Restore Facial Oil 30ml

Intense Oil Repair Restore Facial Oil 30ml


Your rejuvenating, scar reducing option for Step 4 in your SKINCARE 5 A DAY SYSTEM 

A potent, fortifying treatment oil for fine lines and wrinkles, mature skin, pigmentation, scars, sun damage and dry skin. 

  • 100% Organic C02 Critical Extract  

  • Single estate oil from Chile  

  • Naturally rich in vitamins A,C and E  

  • Contains high levels of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)  

  • Safe for direct application on pre & post-operative scars and burns.  

  • A Barrier Function replenishing lipid  

100% Organic, cold pressed, single estate Rosa Mosqueta Oil from Chile. Fabulous for skin regeneration. It's also great for those 'I need to look fab tomorrow' times, apply at night and see how your skin awakes, smoother and fully nourished. 

This oil has a rich, earthy smell and this can vary from harvest to harvest, sometimes described as 'burnt sugar' sometimes 'smoky', whatever your description, the fragrance disappears on application, leaving the skin to repair and rejuvenate. 



Abundant in EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) Omega 6 & Omega 3. Vitamins E, C, and Beta Carotene an excellent source of trans retinoic acid - provitamin A, a natural form of Vitamin A 

Cicatrisant to reduce and repair scarring and scar tissue. 

Research from the University of Santiago in Chile found after the third week of use, wrinkles started to disappear, by the end of the fourth month the disappearance was almost complete. Skin presented a smooth, fresh aspect" 

Critical Extract Rosa Mosqueta (Rose Hip) seed and fruit Oil