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Specialised Facials


The MicroHydra-Lift uses 4 integrated technologies to help achieve smoother, well moisturised and plump skin. This facial includes; Cavitational micro peel, Microhydrabrasion, AHA's, BHA's, Radiofrequency & Hydration spray infusion. These can also be stand alone treatments.

MicroHydra-Lift Ultimate + LED

1hr 45mins $350

Micro Hydra-Lift facial including face, neck, Dec & hands. Includes Microhydrabrasion, Ultrasonic Cavitation deep cleanse, AHA & BHA, Hylaronic acid infusion spray and Radio Frequency and LED light.

MicroHydra-Lift Face

1hr $259

Micro Hydra-Lift Face includes Microhydrabrasion, Ultrasonic Cavitation deep cleanse, AHA & BHA, Hyaluronic acid infusion spray and Radio Frequency.

MicroHydra with AHA's, BHA's & HA

45mins $175

Microhydrabrasion, Cavitation Ultrasound Deep cleanse, AHA & BHA, Hylaronic acid.

MicroHydra with Caviation Ultrasound

30mins $79

Includes deep cleanse and exfoliation with Ultrasonic Cavitation and Microhydrabrasion.

Radio Frequency Face, Neck & Dec 45min $158

RF Face & Neck 30min $94

RF Face 30min $79

Add On's

- Microhydrabrasion Facial Add on $30

- Cavitation Ultrasound Facial Add on $30

- Hyaluronic Acid Infusion Facial Add on $30

- Radio Frequency Eye & Brow Lift Add on $30

- RF Cheek sculpt & Lip Define Add on $30

- RF Neck tone Add on $30

- RF Full face Add on $50


Micro's are one of the core facial treatments it will deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Its perfect for reducing the appearance of finalises, Scarring and pigmentation. we also suggest this service if you have a large amount of dead skin build up. It will leave your skin feel clean and rejuvenated allowing your products to sink deeper into your skin and perform there job more Thoroughly.

Microdermabrasion Facial 1hr $160

Express Microdermabrasion 30min $105

Micro Facial Add on $58

Micro Hand Add on $52.50

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Skin Needling 

Designed to stimulate the production of your collagen and elastin to create smoother, healthier skin. It reduces fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores and scaring. 

6 treatments are recommended for best results


Skin Needling 1st Time Including Product1hr 30min $315

Skin Needling Face & Neck 1hr 30min $250

Skin Needling Face 1hr 15min $199

Hands Add on $35

Treatment Add On's

- Extractions

- Lip Mask $15

- Eye Mask $15

- LED Light $45

- Antiaging Face Mask $20

- Jelly Face Mask face & neck $15

- Jelly Face Mask $10

- Gua sha Lymphatic massage $10

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